An Object is a panel considered as an Object. Black boxed (suspended internally).

A panel’s form is made to be approximately fit to be viewed as an Object while keeping in touch with the radical abstract painting tradition (Malevich, Reinhardt, the early Stella…).
Anyone can make one.

Aav_70_panels_printON 70 PRINTS  –  EDITION  2008  by Aav

TITLE: One Shapeless and Colourless painting, 2008

This is a limited edition of prints numbered from 0 to 70. But why is it called a multiple if the prints’ form (shape and colour) are all different? Because what makes them the same as one another (invariant) is not a fixed form but the dynamic pattern (algorithm) producing the variable forms. The template is not rigid but fluctuating within a space of possibilities. That is where their sameness is.
The prints represent The Object I make and which can be produced from a similar algorithm. Moreover, an Object, after Ad Reinhardt’s paintings, is always the same Object whatever shape or colour it is. This method allows for freedom and beauty in the tradition of abstraction but it only leads to a hollow core.
This edition was not the first of the kind, Bernard Cache had developed a similar concept of seriality in design.