An Object has no ontological primacy over its external field of (reciprocal) causal relations.
<=> an Object is only an element in an artwork that also includes its external field of relationships (its event).
The field is the virtual (latent) simultaneousness of all conceivable (logical) relations infered by an entity.

Object art is enacted when one is relating to an Object (object-as-object). It is in the explications of the implications of an Object in art
(from actual to virtual and back again)

A boundary is between what an entity is and what is not it. It is a nonlocal interface in a field of relationships.
Object and field (event) are  two locally exclusive but nonetheless complementary levels of a same work. Each level coexists virtually in the other.

Minimalism  +  maximalism (off limits).

Panel_in_rabbit_by_koons copie

Panel on Wallpaper, 1993